Saturday, September 25, 2010


On October 10th (10/10/10), everyone is invited to document their vision of what it's like to live a day on earth.  The collective whole will be transformed into a documentary called One Day on Earth.  The idea: to leave a digital version time capsule--attempting to capture messages of what our global community would want to leave behind  to our inheritors.  According to Project Founder Kyle Ruddick, "this is the first truly worldwide film, where each contributor can be publicly acknowledged in an open forum."

(After the jump, see participant trailer for One Day On Earth).

The inception of the project came to the founder two years ago:  He was inspired by a similar concept employed on the opening night at the 2008 World Festival of Sacred Music.  Since then the proposal has grown--with backers such as the United Nations, the American Red Cross, as well as the international educational community.  To help students around the globe participate with this level of undertaking,  One Day On Earth will even distribute free educational tool kits worldwide for teachers to use as a guideline for the school project.  Educational material such as lessons plans, videos, among others will be available for the class to study together so they can have a hands-on lesson on "how to tell a story."   Outside of the classroom, filmmakers and inspired citizens of the world are all welcome to share their viewpoint too.

To inspire and to galvanize towards positive action, as well as uncovering hidden worlds are highly encouraged as themes on how to approach one's idea.  Simultaneously, sexually explicit scenes are unacceptable for submission.  Nor are hate, defamatory, and violent material welcome.  Although it is imperative that respect will be regulated, it is unclear how the final product will be executed, and whether or not any editing will result in individual voices being compromised from its original context.  

But perhaps the most powerful message of this concept serves as a testament that we've reached a day in age where there are no longer any limits to how history is foretold.  Through the latest technological developments, most of us are given the opportunity to tell our own stories, rather than wait for historians to put it down on paper--and thereby decidedly internalized by our future generations to come

Have a watch at the chilling trailer made by a participant (below) to see One Day On Earth is all about, and share your thoughts on leaving behind a collaborative digital time capsule.  If you're interested in participating or donating you can visit their website at 

One Day on Earth Participant Trailer from One Day On Earth on Vimeo.

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