Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Maz Jobrani is an Iranian American comedian who effectually uses his stand-up skills to demystify Muslim stereotyping.  Jobrani, an upcoming popular humorist in the east as well as the western globe, is able to handle the delicate matter of biases between Western and Muslim nations--turning matters into an enlightening, lighthearted experience by using some good old fashion humor. Have a watch at his comedy act below, performed at TED, and you will find yourself not just laughing your you know what off, but better yet, thinking more of "the other," in an empathetical manner before you know it.

(Maz Jobrani's act delivered on TED after the jump).

Maz Jobrani: Did You Hear the One About the Iranian American?

Maz Jobrani is an Iranian American actor/comedian who starred in The Axis of Evil Comedy Central Special--selling out about 27 shows in the Middle East tour in 2007.  Jobrani grew up in San Francisco, graduated with a BA in Political Science and Italian at UC Berkeley, and then shortly enrolled at UCLA for a PhD program before shortly pursuing an acting career.  Since then he's played in movies such as The Interpreter, Dragonfly, and Friday After Next.

More of Maz Jobrani

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