Monday, August 30, 2010


The second season to the new thriving series, Bored to Death starring Jason Schwartzman on HBO that launched last fall is back in business.  Season No.2 starts on September 26th; and it looks as though the threesome that also includes Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakas, will be more comically dysfunctional than ever. 

(Behind the scene videos after the jump).

For those of you who aren't familiar with the synopsis of the show: the protagonist Jonathan Ames, (which FYI is the exact name of the actual creator/writer of the series, the real Jonathan Ames) is a struggling writer, living in Park Slope Brooklyn, and has recently started moonlighting as a detective during his free time, which ironically is most of the time.  It has become his procrastinating excuse for not writing his second novel and the distraction to getting over a bad break up with an ex he's still very much in love with.

Bored to Death Behind the Scenes, Season 2

As you might suspect: This show is witty, unpredictable, and it also attempts to represent an updated vision of New York.  As Ted Danson's character is quoted on the show, "Brooklyn is the new Manhattan, and Queens is the new Brooklyn..."  Jason Schwartzman's character, "Then what's the new Manhattan?"  The cast also emanates a serendipitously great chemistry, which definitely translates quite well on screen. Caution:  The Show is highly addictive, therefore don't start watching it unless you have time to invest in a mini series for Season No2.  

That said, check out the teaser and the new trailer for this upcoming season.

Bored to Death, Season 2 Teaser

Bored to Death, Season 2 Trailer


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