Friday, July 23, 2010


Via MoMA Films:

Premiere Brazil! 2010
Through July 29

A collaboration between The Museum of Modern Art and the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, the annual Premiere Brazil! festival introduces New York audiences to original and accomplished recent work by both new and established Brazilian filmmakers. Read more>>
French Comedy, Gaumont Style 
Through September 8

Gaumont, founded in France in 1895 by Leon Gaumont, is the world's oldest surviving movie company. One genre that has been a constant over the company's 110-year history is comedy—hardly surprising for a nation that has given the world both Molière and Voltaire. MoMA's salute to French comedy à la Gaumont includes more than thirty films made between 1898 and the present. Read more>>

Les perles de la couronne. 1937. France. Directed by Sacha Guitry
Maya Deren's Legacy: Women and Experimental Film
Through October 4

This exhibition, which consists of a video installation in the Theater Galleries and short-film programs in the theaters, examines Deren's legacy through both her own work and that of women directors upon whom she had an indelible influence. On July 23, Martina Kudlácek introduces her documentaryIn the Mirror of Maya DerenRead more>>

Frederick Wiseman 
Through December 31

To celebrate the recent acquisition of newly struck prints of thirty-six films by Frederick Wiseman, MoMA presents a comprehensive retrospective of the director's work. Featuring three to four films each month, this yearlong survey spans his entire career. Upcoming screenings include Wiseman's The Store(1983). Read more>>

Aspen. 1991. USA. Directed by Frederick Wiseman
An Auteurist History of Film

This two-year screening cycle explores the evolution of film as a medium by charting the careers of several key directorial figures—not in order to establish a formal canon, but to develop one picture of cinematic history. Upcoming screenings focus on the work of Lewis Milestone and G. W. Pabst. Read more>>

All Quiet on the Western Front. 1930. USA. Directed by Lewis Milestone

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