Saturday, July 10, 2010


Last week, tech blog giant TechCrunch, has launched its latest component of the blog thus far. TechCrunch TV:  a new Internet video feature, will be running daily with at least 40 minutes of original programming per day, paired with previously recorded content.   TC has invested a multitude of its resources to upload their latest addition to their site--in their attempt to start-up a multi-layered platform filled with startup stories of trials and tribulations .  

The latest Tech TV also promises to cover a plethora of tech events happening all around the country and the globe.  They plan on popping into startup offices to profile up-and-coming startups--revealing an inside look into the world of the young and brilliant tech scene. The mission statement of TC's latest venture for their capital goes something like this:
TechCrunch TV will be packed with some of the most recognizable and inspiring faces in tech. The entrepreneurs, the investors, the developers — everyone in fact who is helping to change the world, one start-up at a time. -- TechCrunch
As of late, we've been seeing more and more of the TV concept translated into web visions.  Even the almighty Google--who dips its robustly wealthy hands into all things tech has recently launched Google TV.  
This latest Google product aims to get Teli viewers to use the web to watch their TV desired programs but with the option to enjoy web videos as well.  Apple also tried to launch a similar undertaking, back in 2007 with what else:  Apple TV--one of the rare occasions when  the now number one valued technology company failed to sell a product.  

These days, with the emergent growth of Internet users now reaching an audience of 1.8 billion people in 2009--compared to about 361 million back in year 2000, old forms of media are galvanized to use the web to its advantage.   Even the fashion industry--a business that always tries to stay within the cutting edge, but still very much tied to the magazine outlet,  is now beginning to take a cut in the web TV phenomenon.  

Imagine Fashion for example, an on-line fashion channel to launch next year is now featuring short episodes to showcase collections from major fashion houses while providing e-commerce associated destinations.  (To read more on Imagine Fashion, go HERE).  While print media continues to struggle to survive its own existential crisis, simultaneously new media is also trying to get through the angst of its teenage years.  But whether or not television will reincarnate itself into the web, remains to be an open-ended web story. 

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