Friday, July 30, 2010


In this week's front page article of New York magazine, James Franco was the performance artist in question.  Admittedly, we hadn't followed this intriguing and intricate story of a young actor gone artist, gone serial scholar, gone soap opera star?  And oh yes: don't forget Gucci model.  Futhermore, is the man gay or straight!? Confused already? Us too.  But then again: who are we to try to put anyone in a box --tell them to stay in there--and not to come out until they're entirely committed to one thing and one thing only?    Sam Anderson from New York magazine perhaps?  Well, find out in this provocative article borderline crush confession, entitled Is James Franco For Real? by the writer who was supposed to be doing an expose on James Franco.  It's a very well written piece indeed: complete with the opposite of a build up--rather starting with a tearing apart of the character, and then ending with acceptance, and finally tolerance.  

Plus check out the video below of James Franco himself getting an art lesson from the performance art master Marina Abramovic in her kitchen.  You see the biggest debate when it comes to Franco, is his alleged attempt to engineer the biggest performance art of his life--in threading all his real life projects as a whole, it is suspected that this is presented as the entire piece itself.  Have a read HERE, and a watch below, and decide for yourself, or just be entertained.  

James Franco at Marina Abramovic Kitchen 

James Franco at La Gay Pride with Kalup Linzy

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