Sunday, June 13, 2010


If you're a regular NewsGallery viewer, you'd know that we've tried to capture the phenomenon that is the newly released iPad (see HERE).  And although there's a multitude of skeptics out there, even still--as Mr. Jobs proudly announced at the D8 conference a couple of weeks ago (see videos HERE): Every 3 seconds someone makes an iPad purchase.  Hence, despite all the childish trash-talking of how the novel tech instrument might have inherited a name reverberating a feminine product (and BTW: we here at the NewsGallery think there's absolutely nothing  wrong with that to begin with), despite all the speculations translated into convictions that all it is, is a toy--none of these futile drawbacks have touched the success of the iPad story.  In fact, just a month after this "feminine sounding toy" device was launched, a million iPads had already been sold, and by the second month doubling its sales by yet another million of these "toys"--totalling up to 2 million iPads sold to date--a success story that has even surpassed the iPhone results by far; and most of us have since witnessed the iPhone prosperity and all its glory. 

Thus, in another attempt to showcase to you--our viewers a better sense of this cutting edge experience, have a watch at this Wired App demo--designed simply for the iPad.  We think it really captures the type of contact that Apple has recently invented to further push the mobile device envelope.

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