Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived:  Steve Jobs showed up yesterday as the Guest of Honor at this year's All Things Digital, (D8).  True to his form, the man himself appeared in his infamous, but casual fashion attire of a black shirt and faded jeans, armed with conviction--often delivered with his distinct witty humor. 

Jobs showed up ready to talk candidly not just about all things digital, but all things Apple related--including all the controversies that have been surrounding the recently crowned New King of Technology and all the Apple wanna-bes' trying to get in on some of the unprecedented future tech action (see more details HERE).

And so without further-ado, NewsGallery gives you our feature presentations via D8:  Steve Jobs Unplugged.

Steve Jobs Talks about surpassing Microsoft in market value and about the ongoing Flash debate: why he wrote Thoughts on Flash.
"Enough is enough: stop talking trash about us already! We are just people trying to make amazing products; and if people buy them they buy them, if they don't they don't.  But so far people seem to really like the iPad--every three seconds someone buys one..." --Steve Jobs


Jobs tells us the story about how the iPhone 4G prototype ended up in the hands of Gizmodo, and clarifies as to who actually called the police.  

This is a story that's amazing!  It's got theft; it's got buying stolen property; it's got extortion; I'm sure there's sex in there somewhere!  Someone should make a movie out of this! But our core values are the same, we will stick to our convictions as we get bigger and more influential. -- Steve Jobs 

Jobs explains his reasoning on restricting ads and "solely" allowing iAds to use advertisements on apps.

"Maybe we'll change the newly required ad format for our devises eventually, and then listen to compromise about this, now that we've calmed down about it, but not today, not when these analytical companies, i.e. Flurry, gather market data without consumer consent and then publish them." -- Steve Jobs 

Jobs talks about his thoughts on competition, particularly with the Google giant.

"We never saw ourselves as competitors of Microsoft, but perhaps that's how we lost back then.  As far as Google being our competion, we won't be reducing their presence on our devices. Just because we're competing with someone, doesn't mean we have to be rude."  -- Steve Jobs 
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