Thursday, June 3, 2010


Twenty-six year old Mark Zuckerberg one of the youngest current billionaires in all of history, (with a net worth of $4 billion), was the Guest of Honor yesterday at the 2010's D8 conference.  The remarkable young entrepreneur found himself literally in the hottest seat in digital town--when once again confronted with answering to Facebook's new privacy issues and queries.  As Zuckerberg attempted to talk himself out of direct questions like, "Why has Facebook opted to offer the Opt Out option, rather than the Opt In option," the young man struggled to justify how his original startup launched out of his Harvard dorm back in 2004 (only meant to infiltrate the Ivy Leag networks) has now grown into a five hundred million users (greater than the population of North America alone), has become too big to make private for marketers. 

When faced with having to answer impenetrable hitting questions about FB Security Settings, the Facebook King actually had to keep wiping his forehead with his signature black hoodie--that is up until he finally decided to remove the fixed article of clothing (that he's claimed never to take off), in his attempt to keep from drowning in his own sweat.  You almost had to feel sorry for the guy apologizing multiple times to his D8 interviewees--as he appeared quite embarrassed from his dissension of calm, cool and collected-ness to a very palpable-tense-anxiety filled-stage-fright-situation.  But of course you can't sympathize too long with a young billionaire who can take his FB users and run an entire nation as he sees fit.  And that's exactly what he's done:  As the president of FB Nation, Zuckerberg sits on the very top of the Social Network rivalry chain--ruling it in a way that he sees most suitable for the growth of his own empire.  His argument: you can always go into your Facebook Privacy Settings to try to catch whether or not the ruler has sold you out lately--and that this is the best way to integrate all the facets of the network when you step into Facebook land.  And yet, we here at the NewsGallery do recognize that some are okay with the newly installed prerequisites and some just aren't--and the ones who aren't don't even have to be voted out of the island, they're always free to leave, join another one, or move to another continent to start their own nation.  

Have a watch and let us know if you felt just as uncomfortable watching it us we did.  

Mark Zuckerberg at D8:  The Hoodie Incident

More on Mark Zuckerberg explaining the complexities of Facebook's Privacy Settings.
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