Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As the big iPhone revelation day nears--(the launch of iPhone 4 is tomorrow), Apple has taken all the preparatory measures to make it a smoother launch for both the consumer and the maker alike.  The iOS4 software update for example was made available the day before it was promised (June 21), and for those who pre-ordered the iPhone 4G--the shipping date came a day early as well.  In other words, the Apple Santa is just as excited to give as well as to receive.  

NewsGallery is currently testing out the tech waters with the latest software update for the iPhone 3G--soon to be extinct but still given an upgrade with limited new features.  As one of the leading device innovators, Apple makes it their business to live by discontinuous innovations: a marketing practice that consistently employs innovative transitions (i.e. the initiation of HTML5--see article HERE and the yearly upgraded iPhones), with a very specific caveat in training their consumers to adapt to new behavior thereby making room for new technological possibilities. 

Needless to say, we at the NewsGallery were elated to take the new iOS4 for a spin--even if it is the just the limited version for the 3G.   However, the excitement quickly turned into frustration--as it became very clear that the ease of getting one day iOS4 access in advance became pretty futile:  The update took hours on end--so expect to surrender your iGadget for at least 4-5 hours--with limited windows running in the background of your computer.  But thankfully, there's a light at the end of the iOS4 tunnel for the 3G transition.  Don't give up, as the caution message (shown above) of "backing up iPhone"  appears to be stunted in movement for at least two hours or so--despite the annoyance, once you're able graduate from OS3-4, a few perks await.  

And here are some of our favorites:

One-- is of course folders.  Here you can group your apps together and file them neatly into a folder.  It saves space and time by categorizes your apps distinctly.  

Second--there is finally spell check when typing an email, text or any document on the iPhone-- a long awaited feature that should have been made available from iPhone's initial inception. 

Third-- there is a zoom on the 3G camera!  Now you can zoom in on your target when taking photos with your iPhone--no more apps needed to crop your images inappropriately.  Although, it does seem quite unstable when you focus the lens (but perhaps soon there will be an app for that).

Fourth--there is now Places on the iPhone camera.  All your photo locations from now on will be recorded and grouped together in places for iPhone (see above).  Hence, the hefty new contract one has to adhere to upon upgrading the software. 

And lastly--your multiple email inboxes are now integrated.  This feature boldly mixes while chronologically updates all your emails from numerous accounts in one feed.  Gone are the days when you have to check each inbox to see where that new email alert is coming from.  Plus, if you pay close attention: contacts who have assigned photos, have their profile pictures displayed next to the subject line of their message. 

So there you have it, these are just some consolation features we've noted thus far for iPhone 3G owners. We'll update this post as we find more that we think are worth the mention.

Have fun updating, or more like hang in there--for you will see the iOS4 light; and four hours later, the Apple Santa is gracious enough not to disappoint.  

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