Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Imagine Fashion, the up and coming on-line fashion channel designed for web and mobile use to launch in 2011, has released its latest film addition to its collection of bespoke film editorials.  If's July 2010 moving image:  Night's Paths by Noam Griegst is inspired by "the twisting tale of a single night out."  Griegst originally based in Copenhagen, and often spending time between New York and Paris,  is a fashion photographer who has also delved into doing fashion films as a branding technique--consisting of moving images to create and promote a story behind the vision of a brand identity.   

If, in collaboration with a selection of prominent talents in fashion, art, photography, film and music, employs the idea of amalgamating methodically edited designs from well known fashion houses into vivid effects.  The goal of the finished product is to create intrigue and entertainment while providing e-commerce associated destinations.  So stay tuned for If's  forthcoming launch and latest film releases, as it appears to be the wave of the fashion-consumption-future. 

To read more on Imagine Fashion check out our last post and more IF film samples:  HERE.  You can also check out if's website HERE

If's Night's Paths directed by Noam Griegst
Featuring designs by, Alexander Wang, Alexander Vaulter, Quentin Veron,  and Mads Norgaard, California. 
Starring: Freja, Adina, Daniel, Eddie, Julia, Leo, Steen, Morgan, Hana
Music by :Andre Trenemoller, Dj Djuna Barnes, Oh Land, Van Halen

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