Thursday, June 17, 2010


Imagine Fashion (IF), is a new website to officially launch in the fall of 2011 that takes a new approach to integrating beautiful fashion images out of magazines and into a new media focus.  IF's marketing strategy is a great opportunity to take advantage of reinventing how fashion is consumed by using film--moving images to show collections--their motto: "IF is a fashion in motion, a fashion film destination site offering bespoke film editorials directed by celebrated creatives from the world of fashion, art, photography, and music." The site strives to employ well known artists in the industry, such as Alex Turvey, Francesco Carrozzini, Barnaby Roper and Mariano Vivanco among others to create creative short films essentially to promote and showcase fashion lines for their clients.  

Have a watch at their films for IF below and tell us what you think about this new branding plan of moving fashion sales out of print magazines and into the possibilities of the experimental realms of new media. 

Eyes of the Mind, directed by Alex Turvey

At Point Blank by Francesco Carrozzini
Starring Linda Evanlista

Exploding Youth by Barnaby Roper

Through Darkness to Lightness by Mariano Vivanco

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