Thursday, June 10, 2010


By: Dawn Elardo
The full version of the infamous interview at the D8 Conference with Mark Zuckerberg Founder and CEO of Facebook as if you didn't already know that, is now available to see in full context.  Zuckerberg, who has been recently called out all over the press for having to take off his infamous hoodie (pictured above) due to an overpowering sweat breakout--thanks to some unrelenting Privacy Policy questioning, is actually just the icing on this cake of all things digital.  Have a watch at the full hour below and you will get to know a fair side of the young man who sits on the presidential thrown of FB Nation.   

To those who question whether or not this is a relevant story:  Facebook has about 5oo million users, with a current net worth of 4 billion dollars, (not millions, billions) --to say that this tale is insignificant is like saying that China or the United States aren't major global players.  Hence, we're not referring to your own personal relationship with the most powerful social network in the world (whether you love it, or hate it), the topic under discussion here is about how this tech company fits into the evolutionary story of how we communicate and share information as of today, about how much power this particular web institution has in handling all of our personal data that we engage with and put out there on a day to day basis, and about how this communication platform has the capacity to reach us, you--about 500 million people to sell products, lifestyles, and ideas.

But if you're anything like Zuckerberg, you may not believe any or all this jazz either.  In this interview, he makes this very clear by literally describing his own disbelief:  "I'm in denial about the extent of our success.  We at Facebook don't consider our company successful.  We don't because we feel like there's so much we haven't even touched or done yet."  This comment as shocking as it may sound to the common ear, rings quite true to most ambitious--and therefore effective leaders.  He also divulged two very important aspects to building a formidable company.  One: it is essential for the CEO to have a very clear vision of what he/she wants to accomplish.  Two: it is absolutely crucial to establish a very strong support team who share your same exact vision.  As the main architect of the largest information social technology once said, "If I die, anyone in my management team can run the company precisely the way I'm currently running it.  Whether that's a good or bad thing however, is what still remains to be seen.  

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