Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The notion that you'll find what you're looking for in the most unsuspected places is very much true in the quest to find the most scrumptious hands- down-best-hot-dog-in-NYC.  And it's not just because we here at the NewsGallery have become quite the big enthusiasts of Daniel Boulud's most recent success of DBGB-- a spin off of his line of well-executed restaurants perfectly sprinkled all over the Big Apple.  His most recent baby is nestled in the midst of the Downtown eatery scene on Bowery--where the very successful French New Yorker restaurateur has finally made his mark almost a year ago.

DBGB is a percect fit for foodies with a luxurious taste pallet, as well those who are looking for some classic American simple foods but concocted by a very extensively trained chef--having earned his many-a-coveted Michelin stars in his career.  (Just this year Boulud earned three elusive Michelins for Daniel--the highest of his high-ends' situated in the Upper East Side).

DBGB Hot Dog

The DBGB Dog is made with a homemade beef wiener, topped with some sauteed onions, mustard, relish, and ketchup, served with a bucket of perfectly crisped fries.  And if you're thirsty after this decadent treat, we also highly recommend the Bourbon Cowboy cocktail (featured above).

Lastly, if you still have some room for desert, you should really try one of DBGB's after dinner sweet sundaes.  Above is the Mint-Chocolate: truffles, chocolate sorbet cocoa nib crunchies chocolate chip cookies and whipped cream.  Eh voila--there you have it: a full-on all American meal with a French Culinary twist in honor of this past Memorial Day Weekend.  As Julia Child used to say with much vigor for food and most of all life, "Bon Appetit!"
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