Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Steve Jobs opened the Keynote yesterday with an enormously rambunctious welcoming from the crowd—as someone shouted out, "We love you Steve!" Jobs, in his usual turtleneck and jeans attire could not help but also wear a glaring and very flattered smile on his face responded with, "Thanks I think...  Thanks for the welcome!"  The Apple CEO then proudly disclosed that the event had been sold-out within 8 days, an event that usually takes them about a month to sell out—with  5200 attendees coming from 57 countries this year—an unprecedented appreciation in Apple history.  Tickets for WWDC '10 did not come cheap this year either: at $1599 a pop--a steep rise from last year's $1295, per admission.  Yet to no surprise, Jobs admittedly revealed that many others  simply couldn't fit into the venue as there is a cap to the number of attendees.  

Finally today, we can all have a watch at the WWDC 2010 video (rather than follow someone else's notes on it), and decide why it's such an entitlement to have the pleasure to sit in that audience as we watch the master of giving presentations in his quest to deliver one of the most impressive marketing campaigns on-going to date.  And oh yeah, and most might say: their products can more than speak for themselves too.

Apple Keynote, June 2010

For notes on the new iPhone4, go HERE.
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