Thursday, May 13, 2010


Karl Lagerfeld debuts his Chanel 2011 Cruise Collection at St. Tropez this week--parallel to the initiation of the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.  Vanessa Paradis, (left) who's reclaimed her seat as the current ambassador of the Chanel brand, and Anna Mouglalis (right) escort Mr. Lagerfeld to his own show.  Lagerfeld who's been dabbling with photography, and directing marketing ads, such as Dom Perignon and his recent project with Coca Light (see HERE), has launched yet another campaign in the form of his new short film called Remember Now, to promote the latest Chanel line.  

However, before you go on to watch the short film below, please be advised, that it in no way reflects the man's brilliance for fashion design.  This particular Lagerfeld production as to no surprise, stars only models, except for protagonist: Pascal Greggory--who by the way, no matter how talented, like his co-stars, comes off quite lacking in the drama department.  And so to our dismay, we must admit as big enthusiasts of the Lagerfeld vision, we are incredibly disappointed how no one succeeded in telling the fashion genius that models cannot act--and that furthermore, modeling and acting are entirely different professions.  Hence, the movie is a regrettable snore--it's like watching super models get , act wasted, directed to act be silly, while trying to juggle the concept of thespianism: obviously an idea that's much too complex for the models who inhabit this want-to-be-short-film.  Perhaps it can be edited to look more like a commercial to save the fashion icon's director debut reputation?  Because even as Lagerfeld makes a grand appearance at the end of the movie-- in an attempt to liven up the closing, it simply fails; and instead, reduces the designer's grand presence into at best a kitschy and questionably comical exit scene.  All and all, the movie reeks emptiness, superficiality, and fails to deliver a cohesive story line--inevitably robbing it of any valuable meaning--in any artistic sense. 

But don't let us decide for you.  See for yourself and share your thoughts at the NewsGallery; but now you've been warned. 

Remember Now Part 1, Written and Directed by Karl Lagerfeld

Remember Now Part 2, Written and Directed by Karl Lagerfeld

Now do you believe us?  If so, and the sudden need to erase watching this "film" from your memory arises, please proceed below to see where the master couturier truly exceeds:  Looks from the Cruise 2011 Chanel collection.

Sorry Mr. Lagerfeld:  We love you--we hate to question your taste, but not for this movie.  On that note , congratulations on your new Chanel Cruise Collection.

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