Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Without any explanation as to how and where the second iPhone 4G was found, a blog post popped up from Vietnam this afternoon, Vietnam time (sometime during dawn for us here in the US going on Eastern Standard Time) on a website called Tinh Te, posted by someone who calls himself Cuhiep, location:  Coffe Subtle.  The post is very technical, revealing that this subsequent device is further along in development than that of its predecessor, (the first iPhone 4G found). 

It is unclear as to how and why such coveted prototypes belonging to one of the leading, if not the leading technology enterprises in the world can possibly lose two pre-released versions of the iPhone 4G in a row.  However at this point, the word around tech town is that these incidents may well possibly be marketing plots to plug a climactic unravelling--prior to the official release of the updated version this June.  But again, these are unconfirmed notions, but skepticism based on absolute disbelief.  

Nevertheless, below is a run down of the blog post originally written in Vietnamese. 

The byline of the post reads something like this translated:

Taller, thinner, narrower horizontal, more sturdy, more dry ... This phone is not in the operating system so all what we have described the design as the outside. We can easily see Apple use the chassis design with an aluminum block hard on this new generation iPhone (temporarily called the iPhone 4G), it looks as thought as portable computers and the iPad Apple. 

This newly found prototype more or less reiterates the same reports as Gizmodo delivered when they bought their "lost" iPhone 4G just less than a month ago; except these guys invaded the device, opened it up and describes what happened below :

We open the machine up, just show up a screen with fire and the same information as the command line.Maybe Apple does not have remote locking, which is locked in time, if a certain time that the birds do not enter a machine code on the machine that will automatically bring about this state. 

And then they plugged it into a computer to see if iTunes would respond and:
Experiment 4 gene iPhone plugged into the computer, iTunes does not automatically open up as you plug the iPhone or iPad. Try opening iTunes, it immediately connected to the server and realized it was the iPhone.Bringing the machine on and try DFU restore but no alarm software for their iPhone version, please check your version of iTunes. So make sure when it will launch the new iPhone requires a new iTunes. 

And then finally the post ends with these technical sentiments:
For sure more into the USB of the computer to see it get here is what device. Mac OS reports this device is called BRCM2046 Hub, more detailed, here is the recipient of the Apple device, USB chips produced by Boardcom. However, USB is version 1.1 so the maximum transfer speed is 12MB per second while the others are 480Mb iPhone. 002608C89DCA machine is serial number, try checking on the Apple support pages and pages are Apple Serial Number is not a real newspaper. The final step, put your computer on and run DFU Spirit but this software does not recognize.  

Check mate to Apple:  now we must wait and see how Apple will respond within the next few days to this secondary "lost and iPhone 4G found" story.  The hype for the latest iPhone release has been so overblown to its fullest capacity--with the two prototype lost and sold for blog post stories, that perhaps the revelations to be delivered by no other than the man himself, will seem pretty anti-climactic once the moment arises.  But then again, you just never know what kind of goodies Steve Jobs and his team will let drop behind the newly aluminum and glass 4G screen--wait actually we do:  Read HERE.

Below is a video by the "finder."  It's in Vietnamese.  The best part is when he opens the device with a toothpick no less!

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