Sunday, May 9, 2010


The new debatable word in town is how the city of Berlin currently runs with the avant garde art torch--raised high up and soaring.  This alleged torch passing was previously held with vigor by no other than our very own New York City. From a foreigner's point of view, it might appear to be the case as the outsider looking in.  However, according to some of our native German friends who have generously enlightened us on this pending matter, the comparison between the two art scenes is in fact incomparable.  Apparently, the difference between the two cities comes down to who has more capital. And as much as NYC continually incubates underground art movements, the fact that there are multi millionaires and billionaires supporting the arts in the "big city," gives it the ultimate power to topple any contending competitors such as Berlin--at least for the moment.

Nevertheless, capital support or not, it certainly cannot diminish an ever evolving art identity entirely--as Berlin claims its prominent recognition in the art global circuit.  Have a watch for yourself below, and let us know your impressions. 

City Short Berlin by Wallpaper

Wallpaper* City Guide Berlin Updated (Paperback - Mar 31, 2010)
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