Friday, April 16, 2010


As the weather gets more and more enjoyable, you might be starting to contemplate getting just the right bike that matches your style.  After all, who ever said becoming green equated renouncing sophistication?   Or that going biking automatically meant putting on a pair of loud-spandex-shorts-onesie as though wearing the most ridiculous-sportiest-gear-you-can-throw-on, suddenly entitles you to own the bike lanes as well as yell at everyone else to get out of your way because you are in the midst of your own version of a tour de France--oh yes, you know who you are...

We here at the NewsGallery, think it may be time for bikers with style to start their own greenery movement:   Biking is no excuse for unrefined or immature attire; and it certainly doesn't buy anyone a fast-pass for mayorship of the Foursquare b-lanes.  If we can't get over the idea that biking is solely for sports or the unsophisticated--and that using natural energy represents zero design, then the goal of revoking our title of being the second top polluter of the planet might never come. Solar, electric, wind--any pure green solutions require the labor of marketing and packaging just as much--if not more so, than any other products to compete within the multilayer of a much clever market.

So we put together a selection of two-wheelers, au courant with the snazzy of the snazziest bikes and bikers for cruising the concrete jungle--just to give you some ideas via 
Treehugger and Cycle Chic to keep you inspired to cycle a la mode.  

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