Tuesday, April 13, 2010


If you're not already doing it, you've probably at least heard (maybe even from Jamie Oliver) that Americans need to cook more natural ingredients--that we can pick you know, from our backyards, and eat less processed foods.  Living in New York City of course, we have no such luxury.  Here we consider ourselves lucky enough if we can see a glimpse of  trees outside our windows--much less have a garden of flowers and herbs where we can hunt and gather our fresh edibles that we now need to start consciously start making our daily meals with.

Well fret no more, here is a new concept in the market that looks simple enough to grow in our city apartments, and without compromising the look of our humble but stylish abodes.

The concept is called MicroGiardini--meaning micro gardens in Italian. The makers of this product "garden in a can," are yes you guessed it--Italians.  Just leave it to the Italians to invent a garden for the house, and yes infuse a simple but an aesthetically pleasing pallet of designer cans if you will.  Aside from design, which is really the understatement of this product, are the produce.  There are many other great additions to this collection that you can literally once fully grown, pick from and cook with.  Featured are just some of our favorites.

You can puchase these herbs and flowers "to go" at either Sprout or Brooklyn B5=10.  Fashionable as they are, they are actually highly affordable at $10 a pop.  Although, at the moment Sprout has them on sale for just $8.50, not much more than what you would pay if you only bought the produce itself at the market. 

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