Tuesday, April 27, 2010


NewsGallery video taken this past Saturday's Sessions at P.S.1 hosted by Poprally--the event featured Fourth Estate: a publishing house for promising artists.  The publishing agency brought their silkscreen printing machine to give away some of their copyrighted art works by Donna Chung, Tim Loclek, and Glen Baldridge on vinyl covers nonetheless.  Check out the line to get a print--for it was long!  

FYI: if you've omitted P.S.1 events as of late, note that the outer decor is still at its minimalist stage.  Thankfully, the cafe and the interior gallery is up and running.  Hence, we visited the 100 Years(version #2, ps1, nov 2009) exhibition that ended this Monday April 26th.  The show attempted to commemorate the art of performance art.  Although most of the works were concentrated into video form, which meant that nearly all the rooms were ubiquitously bombarded with screen displays--creating a contradiction of feeling numb mixed with an overdose of image stimulation.  Some of the short "art" films were slightly interesting, while the majority projected pain and violence to provoke a reaction, any reaction--this particular movement in the art scene, appears to be pervasive in a post modern attempt for self-expression.  We at the Newsgallery however, beg to differ with this desperate attempt to make the slightest form of art by using violence and perversion to gain a cheap and lazy provocation effect from its viewer-- which in turn perhaps solely impersonates and captures  the look of human desperation rather than human expression. 

Below are some images taken from the show:

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