Friday, April 30, 2010


Todd Selby, fashion photographer/illustrator of portraits and interior homes releases his first book of home depictions of the well-established and the up-and-coming this Spring called what else--The Selby Is in Your Place.  A Mr. Karl Lagerfeld makes an appearance in Selby's new coveted collection of personal interiors.  Above is Lagerfeld standing on the mini-balcony of his personal library. 

The Karl Lagerfeld book collection 

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of knowing about The Selby, it's an underrated website that strives to illustrate home portraits of the promising talented underground as well as the ground breakers of our times.  

Todd Selby
Amongst some of NewsGallery's favorites who have been featured on The Selby are some old school friends of ours.  Check them out: Sam Buffa of F.S.C. , Carlos Quirarte of The Smile, and Josh Conner of Obesity and Speed!

Todd Selby, shows his home to promote his new book on

You can purchase the book via Amazon by clicking on this link (left).

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