Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Most of the time, we often get distracted from our big goals because we get sucked into this mighty feeling--like a heavy rock that sits on top of our chest when we're highly overwhelmed by the long and high road that ensues ahead.  And yet, the number one formula to deflect this dysfunction of counter productive thought, is to start with the very simple things.  The  same exact formula that will work verbatim as when we're climbing up a mountain:  We need stay focused on the very step in front of us and we will not fall, at least for that moment until we've reached the top.

Crossing off items like making your bed every morning on your daily to do list--believe it or not, does make a difference to your over all sense of inner feng shui according to Gretchen Rubin
, author of the book The Happiness Project. Have a watch; and discover how trusting the effectiveness of pragmatism when it comes to the search for a satisfying life, might just be the key to making progress towards designing your very own blueprint to happiness. 

If you decide to "test drive" the Happiness Project techniques, email us here at The NewsGallery, and let us know if Rubin's suggestions are in fact feng shui effective!  You can always reach us at

Thanks, and we hope you didn't forget to make your bed this morning!

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