Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Apple buys Siri--a personal assistant in a form of a mobile application.  It's an app that takes verbal commands for taking reservations according to your likes and needs.  For example, if you wanted the app to find a romantic restaurant:  if you'd like French in a particular neighborhood for instance, it will come up with suggestions based on the given criateria, and once you approve of the place offering reviews and links, it will automatically make reservations for you when you'd like via Open Table. 

"The offer from Apple was of a scope and tenor that it was a no-brainer to accept it," said Shawn Carolan, a managing director at Menlo Ventures and a board member at Siri.

Siri, having raised about $24 million since its launch in 2008, can also make reservations for a movie, a flight, find tickets for a game or a concert, tell you whether or not you will need an umbrella today, or even find you a cab in the neighborhood if you've somehow found yourself unfit to drive, and then wait, wait for it--it will even take note of all your commands via dialogue! If the virtual personal assistant can offer all these features now, we can only look forward to what Steve Jobs has in store for it.  

Check out their demo below:

Siri Demo

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