Monday, April 19, 2010


Last week the 99% Conference 2010 presented itself at the New York Times Center. Tickets went from $700 (Regular) to $900 (Patron), which at pre-sale access had gone down at almost half price for $399.

But if you weren't able to make it to the exclusive event that promotes 99% perspiration, the NewsGallery sorted through presentations from the past, and we came up with the abbreviated version from the ones that we think represent a nice variation from the entire list of speakers.

Ji Lee has lived in at least three continents — born in Korea, grew up in Brazil, Sao Paolo, and then finally making a living here in New York as the Creative Director at Google Creative Lab  NY; and you may also take classes with him at the School of Visual Arts, where he teaches design. 

In this video featured at right, Lee talks about his infamous Bubble Project--born out of the frustration that grew while working with the narrow minded and the red taping of his corporate projects, his need to create and inspire people on his own produced a very expressive and interactive movement into the street.

Infamous photographer Jill Greenberg, self-defines pushing the envelope, and what it means to her as an artist as well as an activist. Greenberg has won numerous awards, having won the Annual Award of Excellence in Communications Arts twice in her career thus far.  

The camerawoman often finds herself in the midst of controversy through her provocative work — the most recent being the cover she did for The Atlantic of John McCain.

Scott Belsky's Don't Let Your Genius Go Unnoticed (video featured at left) is about how one's self-marketing tool is essential for our talents to flourish and become recognized, and therefore realized. Belsky wrote the book, Making Ideas Happen (also featured at left). 

Belsky is also the CEO and Founder of Behance — a free platform where professionals can create an ultra polished open site portfolio.  Like the overall motto of his talk, the interface of Behance overtly promotes how a lot of self-promotion never hurt anyone.

And of course last, but most certainly not least, is last year's presentation by Robert Hammond, Co-Founder and President of Friends of the High Line.  Hammond is half of the pair, responsible for rebuilding the once abandoned 1.5-mile-long elevated train tracks next to the Hudson River.  Formerly a dismal sight, the ex-rusty rail road, is now blooming with flowers and garnished with well-designed and well-positioned seating arrangements to enjoy the River View on the West Side.  
Thanks to the determination of these two young men from Chelsea, ignited all the way back towards the turn of the millennium, Hammond and his cofounder for the grueling project Joshua David, shared a vision for refining their neighborhood, and overall adding to the quality of the New York City lifestyle. 

We hope we've inspired to fire up those ideas and turn them into more sweat and hard-work to honor your passions.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars, as we hoped we've captured that 1% for you right here at your very own NewsGallery.
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