Monday, November 16, 2009


Originally a painter, Camille Utterback now employs technology to create her "Interactive Art." The installations almost function as some sort of mirror to the viewer, literally. As the onlooker gives off her own movements, the image will move along accordingly. In other words, the graphic image continuously responds to the space and the living thing that momentarily inhabits the space.

Utterback has won many awards, including as of recent--the John D Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation genius award, and genius she might just be. She has certainly come up with an innovative and interactive way of expressing simple human (or perhaps complex) behavior in the process and also in the end notes of her pieces.

Some of her art such as External Measures, 2003 mimics that of a female Pollack, but the futuristic version of course. Others such as Abbundance, 2007 resembles that of Daniel Rossa's Kunsthalle Hamburg's 555 Kubic. If you haven't checked that video out as of yet you can can see it HERE. I highly recommend watching that one as well.

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