Saturday, August 15, 2009


If one of your summer missions is to find a pool party to crash. Well look no more because mission accomplished. The Gansevoort Hotel is hosting Plunge, a daytime pool party today where you can have your brunch and have a little dip in the pool too.

I spent the a couple days there last week and the only thing about this party is you must come prepared to up the tolerate barometer to a very rambunctious crowd. There's some of wanna be rock stars going on, as well as some muted ghetto fabulousness in action; and let's not fail to mention the "so called" models desperately trying to absorb some attention. Well what do you expect from a pool party in the heart Meatpacking District? If you go there just to enjoy the view while getting your bruch/cocktails on then this is the party for you.

View from the Poolside Rooftop

But if your desire is to get some serious lap swimming done, then you might have to rent a room on a weekday, which I have to say is well worth it. (If you share with someone the rate isn't so bad at about $150 each tax included) Monday morning lap swimming at the Gansevoort is like transporting paradise (because it is actually super quiet and fresh) on top and in the middle of the city madness. You can even walk over across the street to Pastis for some brunch afterwards without feeling overwhelmed. It almost feels like you're in the South of France all because you chose the right day at the right time.

Me enjoying the Monday morning glory.

Well there you have it, a little Meatpacking 411 on the Gansevoort. I still recommend going to this party, if nothing else it's certainly amusing, and you get to have a pretty fantastic view while sipping on some highly overpriced cocktails.


Gansevoort Info:
8/15/2009, 12 pm - 8 pm
Plunge @ Hotel Gansevoort, 18 9th Ave. (@ 13th St.)
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