Monday, July 13, 2009


The latest green gadget in the market comes out of Germany--the eRockit. Stefan Gulas the designer, on his new electric motorcycle invention,
"I have invented a new category of two-wheel vehicles, I call it human hybrid. What it is, is something in between a bicycle and a motorcycle: it is a motorized vehicle combined with a muscle-powered vehicle. So, for the first time in history, in order to get a motorized vehicle working and running you have to do exercise: if you don’t do anything on it actively, it doesn’t work, It doesn't drive."

Gulas' goal was to create a vehicle that is both environmentally considerate as well as aesthetically "sexy." The man is not just a tree hugging idealist, but he also wants his customers to be able to overlook the core concept that his 50 mph eRockit's main purpose is to serve a green one. He wants his consumers to say, "I just have to have it because it is fun to ride." His desired result-- that the cleverness and sophistication of his design will stand out more than anything else. In other words, he wants his creation to surpass the limited implications beyond the perimeters of an electric engine stamp. And this year after having made multiple previous attempts, he may have accomplished just that: Gulas has won the 2009 Red Hot design award in the product category of Automobiles, transport and caravans.

The inventor had this say about how he wants his instrument to play a part in influencing society's solutions to today's mounting dire environmental problems,

"If you are able as a company or a leader in a category that is now developing to set an example and to get into a broader scheme and produce more, you can have quite an impact on how people are using vehicles and what kind of vehicles and accelerate the conversion from gasoline to electric vehicles. With global warming as probably one of the biggest challenges in centuries for humanity, that is my personal contribution to that."

But do not be fooled ladies and gents, this motorbike is probably more expensive than any hot shot motorcycle or car you'll ever own. The bidding starts at about $40K.

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