Friday, June 19, 2009


Venetian Carbon-Free Footprint Transportation

Here are some snapshots of the 2009 Venice Biennale: One of the biggest and most anticipated annual art exhibitions in the world. It took place this past June in one of the most charming and unique places that you will ever encounter--Venezia (pronounced Ve-net-si-ya in Italian). The art works will be exhibited all through November of this year. Enjoy!

Stage Props left over at the Arsenal from dancer William Forsythe

A momentary Venetian style obstacle: Let me help you my love.

Painting by Cindy Sherman, Sculpture by Jeff Koons

Just a regular afternoon at the Biennale: Sculpture by Charles Ray

Tomas Saraceno Installation at the Italian Pavilion

Felliniesque Scenes: a film by Steve Mcqueen called Giardini (Gardens in Italian)

The Gothic Tower installation by Belgian artist Dim Delvoye (one of our  favorite architectural styles at the NewsGallery).  Imagine entire cities dreamed up in castles, (with running electricity of course)--not all cities, just some towns, since we're also very much appreciate quite the opposite school of thought: minimalism and post modern architecture.

The making of the Gothic Tower by Dim Delvoye, previously featured (above).

Photos by Todd Heisler for the Times, and designboom.
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