Sunday, April 5, 2009


The year is 2009, and Afghanistan is getting ready to pass a law that will authorize marital rape to Shiite men. This means that for every four days, a Shiite man is allowed to forcefully have intercourse with his wife by law under her wifely duties. It has been over eight years since America invaded Afghanistan for attacking the US. Our mission statement in 2001 when we went into the invasion was to fight for freedom, arrest Osama bin Ladin and dismantle the Taliban regime, then known for imprisoning women in their own homes and treating women as slaves.

Fast forward eight years later, and Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan since December of 2004, is being urged strongly by NATO allies to reconsider signing a law that will empower some Afghan men to brutally violate their wives by passing a conjugal rape law, deemed by President Obama as "abhorrent," and that is currently pending for approval. Karzai who is preparing to run for reelection this summer, might also feel pressured to appease as many voters as he can, if he intends to win a second term. Soraya Sobhrang, commissioner for women’s rights at the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission told The New York Times that she saw the signed document about a month ago, while he told the press yesterday during the news briefing at the presidential palace that his justice minister has yet to review the document for a possible revision if in fact passing this law was found to be going against the Constitution.

The Afghan President, defended the law, which would also restrict women to leave their homes without their husbands' permission unless it is for a "legitimate reason," a term that would be completely left open for interpretation by each Shiite household. He accused the Western media of being lost in translation, The Western media have either mistranslated or taken incorrect information and then published it.” Which as it stands, given that this law would be passed, it would permit all ten percent of Afghanistan’s population, which is the approximate Shiite population, to practice injustice acts against their own wives. Ten percent of 33 million, (Afghanistan's entire population) is about 3 million--entailing that all the women in this group can and will be raped by their husbands if a country that is financially sustained by the United States decides to reinstate barbaric rulings based on extreme Islamic conventions.

This 16 year old Afghan girl shows cuts and scars from her husband's unrelenting beatings. (Read article: HERE).
According to the UK Times, in 2008 alone, the US has been recorded to have spent roughly $16 billion a month on Afghanistan exclusively, (which plays a major role in America's growing colossal deficit) amounting to an entire yearly budget for the United Nations, and comparable to about 38 of the states’ total monthly budget in America.

Which in bailout lingo, technically we are giving $192 billion dollars of our tax money a year to a country that is getting ready to legalize rape. Hence, not only will we never see revenues for this “bailout,” but we might be speaking of actually funding inhumane acts against women. Let us also not forget that Afghanistan is known for atrocious crimes such as girls ending up with acid thrown on their faces if they tried to even rightfully attend school.  $192 billion? How, where, to what and to whom is this money going? For America’s sake, one can only “hope” that bonuses aren’t being handed out to Afghan leaders who might just be getting ready to pass a law that legalizes one of the most savage bestial acts a man can commit, assuming that the document that will forsake the well being of millions hasn't been signed already .

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